Prayer REquests & Sympathy

September 17, 2020


Our deepest sympathy is extended to Michelle and Dan Newman on the passing of Michelle's father, Gene Gullett Thursday, September 17. Arrangements are unknown at this time.

Members who are Shut-In:

W.R. “Blackie” Blackmon, Janet Duke, Edna Frost, and Carol Meacham

Ongoing member health concers:

Curtis and Anne Brinkley, Martha Carr, Sheila & Bob (caregiver) DuPriest, Louise and Wayne (caregiver) Graves, Jane Grier, Paula Hall, Jimmy Jones, Peggy Johnson, Sue Jordan, Tom & Anna Kells, Carol Meacham, Jim Ragland, Lillie Ramage, Judy & Everett (caregiver) Roberson, John & Mae Rucker, Angela Seals, Steve Sessions, Jerry Shepard, Jan Stewart, Dan & Elizabeth Stubblefield, Jeff Tomlin, Ella Vargas​, and David Wright

Ongoing health concerns of family or friends of members : ​

​Wilhelmina Amado (Jeff Amado's mother), Luke Bertrand (Vicki Bertrand's son), Heather Cape (Larry Boggs’ niece), Oneida Chapple (Michael Chapple’s mother), Marlene Colbert (Denise Browning's mother, Joan Davis (Susan Richardson's sister-in-law), David Purdy (Jordan Durden’s grandfather), Gene Gullett (Michelle Newman's father), Bill Hale (Jim Ragland's brother-in-law), Rafa Heaton (Vonnie Heaton's grandson), Josh Holley (nephew of Barbara & George Holley), Mark Lance (Jane Grier's friend), Margaret Newson (Sandy Wilson's mother), Barbara Northcut (Debbie Shepard’s mother), Mary Overman, Peggy Pace (Jimmy Pace's mother), Betty Parham (Winifred Hughes’ mother), Jeff Philp, Sarah Roberts (Carl Roberts' mother), Jim Sanders, Rel Vallee (Mayrse Kibler's father), Harrison Waldron (son of Mission UpReach missionaries, Phil & Donna Waldron), Venus White (Sylvia Oliphant's daughter), and Martha Worthy (Elizabeth Stubblefield's mother)

  • Wayne Keith has COVID-19. Pray he recovers soon and that his 95 year old mother does not get it.
  • David Wright had a cardiovision procedure Monday, September 14. His heart is back in normal rhythm. Pray it holds. 
  • Pray for all those in the medical field and first responders on the front line of COVID-19. Pray for them and for their family’s wellness and safety.