Prayer REquests & Sympathy

May 23, 2019

Ongoing member health concerns:

Luke Bertrand, W.R. “Blackie” Blackmon, Sheila DuPriest, Louise and Wayne Graves, Kathy Griffin, Jane Grier, Paula Hall, JoAnn Haydel, Neil Holt, Peggy Johnson, Tom Lewis, Carol Meacham, Jim Ragland, Judy Roberson, Margaret Roberts, Jerry Shepard, Jan Stewart, Dan & Elizabeth Stubblefield, Lori Tolar, Ella Vargas, Barbara Walker-Fox, Freda Walker, and Lynn Woosley​

Ongoing health concerns of family or friends of members : ​

​Ellen Manley & Wilhelmina Amado (Connie & Jeff Amado's parents), Luke Bertrand (Vicki Bertrand's son), Wayne Betts (Maggie Lemons’ son), Heather Cape (Larry Boggs’ niece), Oneida Chapple (Michael Chapple’s mother), Olive Cooper (Bill Cooper's mother), Joan Davis (Susan Richardson's sister-in-law), Jordan Durden’s grandmother, Gene Gullett (Michelle Newman's father), Bill Hale (Jim Ragland's brother-in-law), Rafa Heaton (Vonnie Heaton's grandson), Robert "Red" and Barbara Holt (Melanie Roberts' parents), John Kells (Anna Kells’ son), Elden Kendall (Sherry Kendall's husband), Mark Lance (Jane Grier's friend), Kathy Lemon (Maryse Kibler’s friend), Tony Maddox (Rhonda Beatty’s brother), Barbara Northcut (Debbie Shepard’s mother), Mary Overman, Peggy Pace (Jimmy Pace's mother), Betty Parham (Winifred Hughes’ mother), Jeff Philp, Sarah Roberts (Carl Roberts' mother), Chris Rogers (Connie Walker's friend), Lynn Sutterlin (Tim Heath’s sister-in-law), Harrison Waldron (son of Mission UpReach missionaries, Phil & Donna Waldron), Don Wilczynski, Sr. (Don Wilczynski’s father), and Sandra Yates (Ashley Weathers’ mother)

  • Sheila DuPriest had a back procedure on Monday, May 13. The procedure went well and she is at home recovering.
  • John Kells (Tom and Anna Kells son) has been having issues with his heart. He is doing better and hopes to be released from the hospital soon.
  • Jimmy Jones had knee replacement surgery on Monday, May 20. The surgery was successful and he is recovering at home.
  • Tiffany Perry's brother, Todd Smalley, had a heart attack on Sunday, May 5. He is improving and has been moved to a rehab facility. Prayers are requested for Tiffany's mother, Donna Smalley. Donna is undergoing cancer treatment and is not doing well.


Our sympathy is extended to:

  • Truitt Gipson and his family on the passing of his stepmother, Blanche Gipson, on Thursday, May 16, in Texas.
  • Jan Turk and her family on the passing of Jan's niece, Pam Rodgers, on Thursday, May 16.