Prayer REquests & Sympathy

November 20, 2019

Ongoing member health concerns:

W.R. “Blackie” Blackmon, Sheila & Bob (caregiver) DuPriest, Louise and Wayne (caregiver) Graves, Kathy Griffin, Jane Grier, Paula Hall, JoAnn Haydel, Peggy Johnson, Sue Jordan, Anna Kells, Tom Lewis, Carol Meacham, Jim Ragland, Judy & Everett (caregiver) Roberson, Hazel Roberts, Mae Rucker, Jerry Shepard, Jan Stewart, Dan & Elizabeth Stubblefield, Lori Tolar, Ella Vargas, Barbara Walker-Fox, and Lynn Woosley​

Ongoing health concerns of family or friends of members : ​

​Wilhelmina Amado (Jeff Amado's mother), Luke Bertrand (Vicki Bertrand's son), Wayne Betts (Maggie Lemons’ son), Heather Cape (Larry Boggs’ niece), Oneida Chapple (Michael Chapple’s mother), Joan Davis (Susan Richardson's sister-in-law), Jordan Durden’s grandmother, Tony Gresham (Becky Touchstone's brother), Gene Gullett (Michelle Newman's father), Bill Hale (Jim Ragland's brother-in-law), Rafa Heaton (Vonnie Heaton's grandson), Mark Lance (Jane Grier's friend), Kathy Lemon (Maryse Kibler’s friend), Tony Maddox (Rhonda Beatty’s brother), Barbara Northcut (Debbie Shepard’s mother), Mary Overman, Peggy Pace (Jimmy Pace's mother), Betty Parham (Winifred Hughes’ mother), Jeff Philp, Sarah Roberts (Carl Roberts' mother), Lynn Sutterlin (Tim Heath’s sister-in-law), Rel Vallee (Mayrse Kibler's father), Harrison Waldron (son of Mission UpReach missionaries, Phil & Donna Waldron), and Sandra Yates (Ashley Weathers’ mother)

  • Jimmy Jones had successful hip replacement surgery on Monday, November 18. He is at home recovering.
  • Cathy Ragland is recovering from a severe case of shingles.
  • Charles Sosebee has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.
  • Becky Touchstone is being treated at home for pneumonia.  
  • Becky Touchstone's brother, Tony Gresham, had surgery to breakup a kidney stone on Monday, November 15. He also suffered a stroke and will be having therpy.
  • Becky Touchstone's son, Rob Touchstone, is scheduled for sinus surgery on Friday, November 22.