FOLLOWING WORSHIP AT 10:30 A.M. at BH Marietta

and 9:30 a.m. at BH Bartow.

Our Sunday morning classes provide a great place to belong, continue one's study of the Bible, and get to know your peers. 

BH Marietta campus

         Infants & Toddlers meets in the Nursery.

        2's & 3's meets in Nursery area, Room 162.

         4's through PreK meets in Room 169.

         Kindergarten - 2nd Grade meets in Room 173.

         3rd - 4th Grades meets in Room 207.

5th Grades meets in Room 205.

        6th - 12th Grade meets in Teen Center.

College Age Adults meet in Room 124.

         1024 (Millennials) meet in Room 123.

                  DEEPER (Multi-generational) meet in Room 204.

         Expanse (Multi-generational) meet in Room 200.

         Sentinels (Multi-generational) meet in Room 201.

         Eagles (Empty Nesters) meet in Room 202.

         One in Heart (Retired) meet in Room 150.

BH Bartow campus

Nursery (birth to 23 months) meet in Stilesboro 3.

PreK meet in Connesena room.

Kindergarten - 5th Grades meet in Pine Log room.

BHYM: 6th-12th Grades meet in Stilesboro 3.

Adult: Colossians: Christ in You! meet in Stilesboro 1.