FOLLOWING WORSHIP AT 10:30 A.M. at BH Marietta

and 11:00 a.m. at BH Bartow.

Our Sunday morning classes provide a great place to belong, continue one's study of the Bible, and get to know your peers.  Click here to view the class offerings.

BH Marietta campus

         Infants (0-23 months) meets in the Nursery.

        2's & 3's meets in Nursery area, Room 161.

Pre-K, 1st & Kindergarten meets in Room 173.

         2nd - 5th Grades meets in Room 206.

         6th - 12th Grade meets in Teen Center.

One in Heart (retirement age) meets in Room 150 & on Zoom.

Eagles Class (mainly empty nesters) meets in Room 202.

Topical Studies meets in the Room 203.

         1024 (Millennials) are meeting in Room 123.

                  DEEPER (Multi-generational) meeting in Room 204.

         Expanse (Multi-generational) are meeting in Room 200.

         Sentinels (Multi-generational) meeting in Room 201 & on ZOOM.

Ladies - Hebrews Bible Class meeting in Room 124.

BH Bartow campus

Nursery (birth to 23 months)


Kindergarten - 5th Grades

BHYM: 6th-12th Grades

Adult: Led by Jordan Tatum