Thursday Night: Jesus Was Arrested

After the Passover meal, Jesus took some of his apostles with him to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. It was late at night. Jesus prayed for strength before he would have to suffer terribly in the next several hours. A group of soldiers and authorities came from the temple to arrest Jesus. They carried swords, clubs, and flaming torches. They wanted to stop him from teaching people the truth about God. Jesus had done nothing wrong.

Judas led the soldiers and showed them who Jesus was by kissing him on the cheek. Peter got upset and used his sword to cut off the ear of one of the men. Jesus said, “If you live by the sword you will die by the sword.” Then he healed the man’s ear. Jesus also asked them why they didn’t arrest him in the Temple where he had been teaching daily. They had brought weapons and had come secretly in the dark as if he were dangerous. But, all of it was happening to fulfill the words written about him by God’s messengers long ago.

Then all of Jesus’ friends got scared and ran away. The soldiers tied his hands and led Jesus away to be put on trial by the Chief Priest of the Jews.


Grab your own wrists or the wrists of someone with you. Hold tightly and close your eyes. Imagine being tied up and led away even though you are innocent.


God’s people do not solve their problems with violence. Jesus let himself be arrested because this was part of the great rescue plan designed by God to save his people.

Matthew 26:47-56Mark 14:43-52Luke 22:47-53John 18:1-11

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