Thursday Night and friday Morning: Jesus was beaten

The Chief Priest of the Jews put Jesus on trial before the entire high council. The men tried to find someone to lie about Jesus so they could put him to death. They found some willing to lie; but their testimonies were useless. While they were questioning Jesus, he reminded them he was God’s son. They became extremely angry and began to shout, spit on him, slap him, and beat him with their fists. They tied his hands again and delivered Jesus to Pilate, the governor, to be put to death. Pilate asked, “Are you the King of the Jews?” Jesus responded, “You have said it.” Pilate accused Jesus of many things, but he gave no answer.


There was a crowd of people outside of the governor’s house that next morning. Each year during the Passover, one prisoner was allowed to be set free. There was another prisoner named Barabbas. Pilate asked the crowd, “Who shall I release to you, Jesus the Messiah, or Barabbas the criminal?” The crowd demanded Barabbas be released, and Jesus held as prisoner.


The crowd wanted Jesus to be killed! They shouted, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Pilate ordered the soldiers to flog Jesus with a lead tipped whip. They created a crown made of thorns and made him wear it. They mocked him by pretending to bow down to worship him yelling, “Hail, King of the Jews!” The soldiers hit him and spit on him. Then they led Jesus away to be crucified.



Touch the replicas of the crown of thorns and whip. Imagine the pain Jesus endured. Who or what do you think Jesus was thinking about while he was suffering such pain and humiliation?


People can be hateful and violent toward others, even Jesus. He was sent by God to receive the necessary punishment for us all. This was part of God’s great rescue plan to save his people. Jesus agreed to go through terrible suffering because he loves us, no matter what.


Read the Scriptures:

Matthew 27:26-31; Mark 15:15-20; Luke 22:63-65; John 19:1-3 NIV

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